Sunday, June 14, 2009

Airstream (Airebella) is in Storage :-(

I feel bad having a blog entitled Airstream Chronicles and it (the Airstream) has been locked away in storage since we got back from Florida. I miss the single story, cafe ambiance, close quartered living! We have been back in Ottawa for more than two months now and while the house and yard are lovely it is not the same as roaming free!

My time is very occupied for the moment with my grandchildren and that is quite wonderful. Their mom has gone back to work until the next baby arrives in November so I am helping out with the caregiving. It is delightful to be able to have such dedicated time with them both.


  1. Now that the Airstream is stuck in storage Rich should get the boat out of storage and on the water.

    You sure do have cute grandchildren!


  2. The boat is on the agenda for sure and we can't wait! The grandchildren are very cute but what else they have great looking grandparents! (and parents too!)