Sunday, May 17, 2009

Payton's Third Riding Lesson from Aunt Louise

Another PD Day on Friday meant that Payton was able to get a riding lesson from her Aunt Louise. Lucky girl she is that her Aunt can do this for her! The pony is very well behaved and we all enjoyed the warm sunshine! Brooklyn looked on from the safety of her stroller although at the last lesson she also had a little ride!

I am really enjoying the time back in Ottawa with the grandchildren and with my daughters (and families) of course.

Lisa and Louise helping Payton get adjusted before the ride. Two horsewomen and a horse girl in training!

Payton is learning all about the grooming as well and brushing the pony before the ride is very important.

Payton's cousin Cassie came along to watch the riding today!

The grass is green, the sun is shining, the children are smiling - life is good.

Mark Twain once said (and it is worth remembering) :

"In twenty years, it is not the things that you did that you will regret, it is the things you didn't do."

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