Friday, April 3, 2009

Lima South KOA in Ohio

Before I tell you about the Lima KOA I just want to tell you about the trip from Kentucky to Ohio and what fun we had with the GPS...
We got up at 8am CST thinking we would be staying in Kentucky another night. But the severe weather had been chasing us from the Florida Panhandle right through Alabama as we kept a few hours ahead! We saw severe thunderstorms and high winds in the afternoon forecast and given that we were parked between two beautiful trees (that could easily have been blown down by wind) we decided that we should take advantage of the sunshine and hit the road. As we headed North through Kentucky we saw beautiful green pastures, and amazing fruit trees in full bloom. The further North we drove the more I noticed broken trees and it reminded me of our 1998 ice storm damage in Eastern Ontario. Then I remembered hearing about that happening in Kentucky on the weather channel in January/February. They clearly hadn't started to clean it up yet.

We let the GPS lead us between Kentucky and Ohio and it took us through smack dab in the centre of both Cincinnati and Dayton during rush hour. As we entered Ohio I saw my first tim hortons!!! Yeah!!! We saw a humongous Church with a semi submerged, ten story high (at least), plaster of paris white, Jesus, sitting in a big pond with arms outstretched heaven ward at the Solid Rock Church. Indiana Wesleyan University is just south of Dayton Ohio which I found odd since Indiana is the next state over.

Here in Ohio there is some green grass and flowers but the trees are not in as advanced a state of budding as a little further south. We are about at the same latitude as Baltimore here so it is still warm feels about 70 F. (22C). It was a long day with some white knuckle stretches but Richard is now a pro with the long trailer!!We are now in eastern standard time!!


  1. Hi enjoying reading you're journal, makes us wish we were on the road, (soon)Good travel to Richard and you.Take care
    The Lepine's

  2. Hey there Rejean! I do hope our paths will cross agian soon!...Christina